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Our Professional Templates are productivity solutions developed in an Excel compatible XLSX file. They have several tabs and sometimes menu options for navigation. Click here to see the complete list of our Professional Templates.


All payment transactions are redirected to our plataform on Gumroad web site. You can pay using Credit Card or Paypal

Your payment details never get stored anywhere when you buy on Gumroad – we don’t see your credit card information, we just see a token that represents your credit card. The same goes for your PayPal details.

If you choose to save your credit card for future buying on Gumroad, these same PCI compliant providers keep your information safe, and encrypted.

For any further details, please check this article.


After buying one of our Professional Templates on Gumroad you will receive an e-mail with the corresponding file attached. Make sure to check your Spam folder.

In case of download issues, please refer to this article.

Receipts and Invoice


If you can’t locate a receipt in your inbox, it is either:

  1. In your Spam folder. This is the case most of the time.
  2. In another Inbox. You may have used a different email. You can check that here:
  3. If the above page says it can’t find a match, then it’s most likely a typo in the email address you used at checkout. Gumroad can look it up with just a little bit of information, and get that fixed for you.

If the charge was on your credit card, you should email them ( these information:

– The last 4 digits of the card
– The expiration date
– The card type (e.g. MasterCard/Visa/American Express, etc.)
– The charge amount


PayPal Purchases

If you paid with PayPal, it may be in that email’s inbox. If it says an email was sent to you but wasn’t received, it is being blocked by your mail server (typically an issue with workplace, government, and school emails).

Email us and tell us an alternative email we can send it to instead.

If the charge was on your PayPal account, you can also generate your own receipt. Please refer to this article.



If you need an invoice, there is a link to generate it at the bottom of your receipt. Please refer to this article.


Our spreadsheets are compatible with Excel 2010 or later (Windows version).

The file you received can be used indefinitely. Some cells in the worksheet may be locked to avoid typing over a formula or header, but it can be unlocked by accessing the menu: (Review> Unprotect Sheet) and thus be enabled to change anything in its structure.

Some files are sent in ZIP format. Make sure you have a compatible software (Winzip, Winrar, 7zip, etc.) to extract it.

Warranty and Support

Our templates are tested and audited by filling in all their fields, so we offer performance guarantee as announced and ensure buyer satisfaction. Top Excel Templates ensures fixes against any formulas errors.

The spreadsheets are designed to be easy to use and understand. Every template has a tab called “Home” describing its modules and explaining how to use them.

There is also a “Help” menu option to answer frequently asked questions. We offer support by email for simple questions or proven incompatibilities.

It is not the responsibility of Top Excel Templates any evaluation or decision taken from reports based on the provided Excel file.

Any change to this file is up to the customer. We are not responsible for structural changes as well as others made by the customer after the download.

Cancellations and Refunds

If for some reason the spreadsheet does not serve the intended use, the buyer has up to 20 days after the purchase to send us an email about the issue and we will do our best to find a solution. If there is still no satisfactory resolution, Top Excel Templates will make a full refund of the amount paid.

For questions and further information contact us!

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