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Inventory Management Control Template

This template was designed to meet a small business inventory management needs, which includes keeping track of stock and determine reorder points and quantities.

inventory management control spreadsheet template - summary of inventory quantities with chart


Simply put, inventory management is all about having the right inventory at the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. So, it is important for businesses of any size. Knowing when to restock certain items, what amounts to purchase or produce, what price to pay – as well as when to sell and at what price – can easily become complex decisions.

Learn more about the functions provided by this template:


Products and Suppliers Database:

On this screen you can register and manage products and suppliers which will be used on other modules, preventing repetitive typing of data.

In the Products screen you can register up to 1000 items with the ID, product name, opening inventory, date of registration, average unit value and minimum inventory level. An Excel formula calculates the total opening inventory value. On the Suppliers screen you can enter the name and other company data for up to 2500 records.


Inventory Transfers (Incoming / Outgoing):

In this screen you can choose between the Incoming and Outgoing buttons to keep track of all the stock movements. Enter the date, ID, select the supplier name and fill in quantity and unit value.

Excel displays the corresponding calculation of the total value of the entry and the current inventory after that transfer. You can also register a destination name for an outgoing record.

There are 7000 rows available for Incoming records + 7000 for Outgoing records.


Inventory Management:

Check a real-time list with updated inventory information, plus indicators such as current inventory compared to the Mininum Inventory Level, average unit value, total inventory value, number of incoming and outgoing transfers, inventory adjustments for each product registered.


Inventory Adjustment:

In the “Inventory Checking” button screen, you can enter the physical stock quantities for each product, and Excel will indicate the amount needed to be adjusted.

By clicking on the “Inventory Adjustment” button you can apply the required adjustments of ghost inventories up to 6000 records. (Changes made here will affect the current inventory quantity)


Analyses and Charts (Dashboards):

Quantity: Displays the summary and evolution charts of the quantity of products in inventory from month to month and displays the opening inventory quantities, received quantities, sent quantities, current total inventory and closing total inventory at the end of periods.

Value: Displays the summary and evolution charts of the total value ​​of products in inventory from month to month and displays opening inventory values from month to month, value of received items, value of sent items, current total inventory value and closing inventory value at the end of periods.

ABC Analysis: Check the products that represents the largest volume of movements. The evaluation criteria are the quantities in the current inventory, total inventory value, quantitative balance of received (input) and sent (output) items.
The ABC Analysis criteria was defined as follows: Accumulated share up to 80% = “A”, up to 15% = “B”, up to 5% = “C”)

Analysis by Product: Select a specific product to evaluate its evolution in quantities and values ​​as well as a graphical summary of the transfers and an inventory summary panel.

Product Comparison: Compare the evolution of two products in the same chart, referring to the quantity and value of inventories, in addition to a panel showing the inventory summary of each product.

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Inventory Management Control Template


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