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Customizable Excel Templates Collection

Our templates are free and ready to use, but can be unlocked for editing and customization. We have been receiving positive feedback from several companies that started using our templates, so we are confident that our free templates will meet any needs a small business may have.

It is part of our values to offer free access to our content for anyone interested in using it. However, we also believe that bigger companies have enough resources to make an economic contribution. This would help us improve our content and increase the number of spreadsheets made available to you. If you can support us too, please do.

Unlock full access to change and customize ALL our free templates for a symbolic contribution of US$7.

You will receive a file containing all our free templates already unlocked. See below a list of 25 templates included in this pack:


1. Balance Sheet

Consolidated Balance Sheet Excel template with examples. Ready to use and calculate (based on your data): Current Assets and Liabilities, Fixed Assets, Non-Current Liabilities, Total Assets, Total Equity and Total Liabilities.


2. Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard system connects the dots between big picture strategy elements, like mission, vision, core values and strategic focus areas, and more operational elements, like objectives, measures or KPIs, targets, and initiatives.


3. Cashflow Statement

Cash Flow Statement template to record your revenues, expenses, rebates, discounts in addition to investments, taxes, financing, contributions and withdrawals. Useful as a quick summary with the profit and loss result for better financial control.


4. Income Statement

Income Statement template with profit and loss report example. Ready to use and calculate (based on your data): Net Revenue, Gross Profit, Operating Profits, Income Before Taxes and Net Profit.


5. Petty Cash Book

Use it to record and monitor all cash on hand transactions. Enter the date and cash value for the opening balance to get a summary with updated cash balance in real time.


6. Inventory Management Control

Useful to record the quantities of incoming and outgoing products, date of inventory transfers and other additional information, like supplier name, destination, invoice number and so on. See your inventory balance in real time with a PivotTable, subtotaling received items, delivered items and current inventory.


7. Personal Budget

Personal Budget spreadsheet ready to use, including 3 parts: Budget, Summary and Charts. Use it to keep track of your savings and check your Gross Income, Total Expenses by category and Accumulated Balance, all shown month by month.

8. Marketing Mix 4Ps

The 4Ps of marketing is a model for enhancing the components of your “marketing mix”. It helps you to define your marketing options in terms of price, product, promotion, and place so that your offering meets a specific customer need or demand.


9. Inbound Marketing + Sales Funnel

Inbound marketing has replaced many businesses’ sales efforts altogether. Now companies are dedicating their resources to building and preserving a highway system that can accommodate multiple inbound streams of web traffic and put them in the best position to convert. This template helps with this conversion-optimization process to produce the most qualified pool of potential leads.


10. Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces is a simple but powerful tool for understanding the competitiveness of your business environment, and for identifying your strategy’s potential profitability. This is useful, because, when you understand the forces in your environment or industry that can affect your profitability, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.


11. SWOT Analysis

The purpose of the SWOT analysis is to know clearly the competitive advantages, market gaps, improvement points and factors that may threaten business continuity. This template worksheet demonstrates the SWOT methodology and assists you in identifying and documenting the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. (In this package you’ll receive two templates, Business SWOT Analysis and Personal SWOT Analysis).


12. Ishikawa Diagram

Fishbone Diagrams (also known as Ishikawa Diagrams) are used to answer the most common questions that arise in the process of problem solving. This diagram is used in process improvement methods to identify all of the contributing root causes likely to be causing a problem.


12. Kaizen 5S

In this Excel template, you will understand and implement this methodology of continuous improvement in your company. Kaizen incorporates the 5S program, which is based on “5 Senses” application: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.


See below more 12 templates included in this pack:

14. Accounts Payable
15. Accounts Receivable
16. Ansoff Matrix
17. Horizontal And Vertical Analysis
18. BCG Matrix
19. Business Model Canvas
20. Organizational Climate Questionnaire
21. Simple Overtime Calculator + Banked Hours
22. Simple PDCA
23. Performance Appraisal
24. Recruitment Metrics – Recruitment Process
25. Service Order

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 Templates ready to use and 100% customizable
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Designed for Excel 2010 or later
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lt=  Total warranty and after sales support
lt=  Receive this template pack immediately on your e-mail
lt=  Templates ready to use and 100% custo
lt=  Single payment without any extra charges
lt=  Designed for Excel 2010 or later
lt=  100% Safe buying with Gumroad (via Credit Card or Paypal)

Customizable Templates Collection


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