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Simple Overtime Calculator Excel – Free Template Spreadsheet Example

simple overtime calculator excel coverOvertime calculation is a routine task in the Human Resources area of ​​a company, and you can automate this process in a very practical way with this free simple overtime calculator excel spreadsheet.
Just set the basic information for the calculation: the employee’s base salary, their workday hours, the percentage of the additional hours, and the number of hours done as overtime. The spreadsheet works with this information and shows the amount of overtime for each employee and the total amount to be paid.

Download the Simple overtime calculator excel – Free template spreadsheet example

Some basic variables influence the calculation of overtime:

• Overtime is calculated by adding at least 50% of the employee’s normal hourly rate. This is the federal minimum for overtime for hourly employees in the US.
• In some locations, there may be collective agreements to define whether overtime will be considered overtime per say, or if it will become banked hours, to be taken as leave in the future
• Overtime after a specific time can be counted as a nightly surcharge and, according to local legislation, may not be included in the banked hours and must be paid to employees as an addition to their wage.
• You must know the number of working hours allowed by local legislation and time limits according to profession.

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The calculation presented in this spreadsheet refers to the amount that must be paid on the payroll, based only on the hours worked. This amount does not include salary charges and other amounts that must also be paid for overtime, such as holidays, etc.

Click and download the Simple overtime calculator excel – Free template spreadsheet example

Here are some links to labor legislation in some of the significant states in the united states: California, Florida and Texas.

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