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Petty Cash Book Template

Record and monitor all cash on hand transactions with this Petty Cash Book Template.
Enter the date and cash value for the opening balance to get a summary with updated cash balance in real time.
This template is easy to use and an effective way to get control of your operating cash flow and expenses in real cash.

Click here to download a Free Simple Petty Cash Book Format Template

Advantages of using this Petty Cash template:

-Find out what how much real cash you have available at any moment.

-Use Excel filters to list only income entries, expenses, dates, values or specific details in descriptions.

-Avoid cash shortages by monitoring the history of cash flow and daily balance.

-Make comparisons of the petty expenses between two periods and helps in controlling such expenses more effectively.

-It helps in making the main cash book more informative, clean and clear by including only major transactions.

-It helps in making the records of cash transactions up-to-date because of division of labor in recording cash transactions.

petty cash book management professional template

See also our Professional version of the Petty Cash template:

If you need an easier way to register the daily entries, click here to see our Professional Petty Cash Book Management Template. It will make the cashier balancing faster and present reports with daily and monthly balance summaries.

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