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Performance Appraisal Review Example – Free Excel Management Template

performance appraisal review example coverCheck out this performance appraisal review example and get performance review sample questions for the employees’ professional, behavioral, and institutional competency questionnaire.
In this spreadsheet, you will have everyone’s individual assessment and the comparison with the organization’s average.
You can use the spreadsheet template to assess competency performance or change questions according to behavioral and institutional examples.

Download the Performance Appraisal Review example – Free excel management template

Performance evaluation is defined as measuring the performance of an organization’s employees, based on a questionnaire with questions about the activities they perform, as well as goals and results to be achieved, and their development potential.

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Tips for designing your performance evaluation:

Performance evaluation methods can address individual competence, buying into company objectives, and even financial results. It is important that those in charge of conducting the assessment identify the most appropriate method to be used with the questionnaire, together with the type of assessment.

How to conduct a performance evaluation:

Align mutual expectations: when starting the survey, the evaluated and evaluating parties must be aligned with the roles each of them performs in the organization, clearly perceiving the activities performed by each of them daily.

Objectives of the evaluation: make it clear that the evaluation is aimed at professional improvement. It goes beyond pointing out positive and improvement points.

Choose the type of evaluation and apply it. The most common are:

  • Manager assessment – 180 degrees: the manager assesses the people on the team and provides them with feedback.
  • 360 assessment: everyone evaluates everyone.
  • Self-assessment: individual assessment of your own performance.

Results: regardless of the type chosen, the evaluated parties must have feedback from the evaluating party. Quantitative and qualitative reports should be prepared, measuring the assessed competencies, their variation and averages, concluding with the decision made of which aspects are to be improved or better used.

Take the first step! Click and download this Performance Appraisal Review example.

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