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Organizational Climate Questionnaire – Excel Employee Satisfaction Survey Sample

organizational climate questionnaire coverIn this spreadsheet, you will have a survey model in an organizational climate questionnaire, and you will be able to print the questions to conduct the survey with the respondents.
The scale adopted is that of Likert (responses that vary between “I totally disagree” and “I agree”, in addition to the “not applicable” option).

Download the Organizational Climate Questionnaire – Excel employee satisfaction survey sample

What is the importance of doing organizational research?

The questionnaire for organizational climate research is an indispensable tool to attract people interested in working in the organization and, consequently, customers who recognize and value the work delivered, as well as increasing revenues and improving quality in various processes between the parties involved.
Company news enters the competitive market with strategies far beyond those traditionally known. In this context, the products and services offered must satisfy an ever-increasing criterion of excellence, which is directly linked to the company’s employees and mainly to their level of satisfaction in the work environment.

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How is the organizational climate questionnaire done?

The organizational climate survey is a tool that helps you get feedback on how employees perceive the organization. You will be able to read reports and promote constant improvements that satisfy everyone involved in the process (employees, customers, partners, governments, suppliers, society in general, etc.). It is recommended that impartiality is kept in relation to what each specific person answered on the organizational climate questionnaire, as the survey assesses the climate and not the individual.

 Essential tips for doing your research:

Involve those responsible for creating the survey so that they can identify an appropriate methodology and questions that will be relevant to the organization’s climate assessment process.
Rate the questions on some specific themes or areas, such as (work tools, leadership, professional development, interpersonal relationships, etc.).
Perform the survey using an organizational climate questionnaire and collect the information by compiling it into a database.
Analyze the results obtained using quantitative, qualitative numbers and comparative graphs.
Create a report with an action plan to promote the improvement of poorly evaluated aspects and to value the aspects of better evaluation.
Disseminate the results and involve stakeholders in the development of the evaluated products and services.

Start your search now! Click and download the Excel organizational climate spreadsheet.

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