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Inventory Management Control Template

Use this Inventory Management Control Template to work on inventory reports, record the quantities of incoming and outgoing products, date of inventory transfers and other additional information, like supplier name, destination, invoice number and so on.
See your inventory balance in real time with a PivotTable, subtotaling received items, delivered items and current inventory.

Download this Free Inventory Control and Management Template and organize your products stock.

The importance of Inventory Control

A good inventory planning is important for businesses of any size. Although on a small scale, inventory management and control is somewhat complex to do properly. There are several software and Excel spreadsheets for management support. You will surely end up finding a template that fits your needs or you can customize any existing spreadsheet. Regardless of the choice, it is important to have the following points clear:

inventory management control professional template

Essential tips to manage your inventory:


  • Survey each stored product and each potential supplier. Register everything in an Excel spreadsheet, import system data, and consolidate this information;
  • Register each product with a unique ID and a corresponding supplier data. Keep it always updated;
  • Make an order compatible with the Minimum Inventory Level, market demands, and available physical storage;
  • Record the inventory inputs and outputs with accuracy, including possible losses. This information is fundamental for later verification and a correct analysis to make optimization decisions and product management;
  • Monitor the evolution of each product stock to identify trends and inventory needs to meet market demands;
  • Use the ABC Analysis Methods to identify products with greater and smaller turnover, demand and financial return, based on the 80/20 Pareto Principle;
  • Audit your physical inventory against recorded data regularly. Try to identify patterns that cause these differences (ghost inventories) and make the necessary adjustments;
  • Evaluate the quality and productivity of management and storage using other tools such as Lean, Kaizen 5S, Kanban, 5W2H, Pareto Analysis, etc.


Start to organize and improve your inventory management today! Click here to download our Free Inventory Management Control Template.


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