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Free Excel Recruitment Metrics – Recruitment Process Template Example

free excel recruitment metrics coverWith this free excel recruitment metrics template, you will be able to evaluate candidates and compare the performance of test results, initial screening and qualitative questions. This free spreadsheet has a specific tab with a template for the job description.

Download Free excel recruitment metrics – Recruitment process template example

Find out more about the recruitment and selection:

Define vacancy profile:
Before starting the selection process, make the purpose of the new hire clear. It seems obvious, but if you do not clarify the job description, you will find it challenging to inform candidates of the hiring needs and intention.


Plan the steps:
Define in advance how the selection process begins and at what stages the process will advance or be completed. Comply with the defined planning to facilitate monitoring of the stages and decision making.
Write down the interview questions, tests applied, exercises, people, and areas involved in hiring.

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Means for publicizing the vacancy:
Evaluate how potential candidates search for vacancies and choose the most suitable channels for publicizing it.


Selection of resumes and talents:
Pre-screen resumes and evaluate how suited candidates are in relation to the job description.


Start the Interview process:
It is essential to understand that a good selection process goes beyond “finding someone to do the work for the amount we are paying,” it is necessary for both parties to identify whether the talent, opportunities and values ​​in question are compatible.
Be very frank when communicating the real opportunities that the company is offering to avoid unreal demands from being presented after hiring, based on inaccurate projections considered as given during the first talk, among other embarrassments. Read about interview techniques


Involve the areas and managers in the selection process:
The major brands are increasingly moving towards greater transparency, in this context, the participation of direct managers in the selection process and even of other employees, who are already part of the company, is essential, after all, the establishing of a reliable team needs the involvement of people in the selection process.

Start now! Click here and Free Excel Recruitment Metrics – Recruitment Process Template Example.


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