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Excel Service Order Template – History Management Spreadsheet Example

excel service order templateCheck out this excel service order template and make the registration and tracking of calls easy and free. You will be able to control the low status of the work order and include other specific information to the maintenance call, digital services, and other demands.

Download Excel service order template – History management spreadsheet example

How to use the work order of service template spreadsheet?

Find below the columns for registering and monitoring of your service order in this model for your management:

Order Number:
You can create a specific code for each ticket you open.

Enter the name of the customer or company that requested to open the order.

Open date:
Record the date you received the service request.

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Reason for the Order:
Freely enter the reason why the customer requested opening the Call. It can detail the specific problem or a correction to be adopted.

The Excel spreadsheet provides four types of status, namely: (pending / closed/canceled / other-OBS). For the latter, the specified situation must be recorded to be consulted in the comments column.

Determine the name of the specific person or area that will handle the Call.

Describe what actions were taken when the Call was needed. It could be a track record, for example.

Completion Date:
When you complete the Call and leave the status as closed, you can record the completion date.

Priority contact:
Describe the contact of the person requesting the Call, and you can freely fill in data such as email, phone number, name, or company.

Enter general details about opening a ticket for later consultation of this record.

Start now! Click and download the Excel Service Order Template – History Management Spreadsheet Example.

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