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Cash Flow Statement – Template Format Excel Spreadsheet

Free Cash flow statement - Template format Excel spreadsheetUse our Cash Flow Statement template to record your revenues, expenses, rebates, discounts in addition to investments, taxes, financing, contributions and withdrawals.

You will have a quick summary with the profit and loss result for better financial control.

How is the Cash Flow Statement useful for the company?

Although the company has a financial sector, it is essential to know how cash flow works, after all, the success and business development is in your hands, which also depends on billing, debts and cash values.
One of the advantages of knowing how cash flow works within the company is that it broadens the view of financial transactions. Over time, this helps the entrepreneur to make the best decisions with the business money.

With this excel spreadsheet, you’ll be able to optimize the cash flow management in your company, have a summary of the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving the company, getting better control of your accounts. At the end of this post, you’ll find a link where you can download for free our Cash Flow Statement template.

Learn more about the math involved in this Cash Flow Statement template

The layout and nomenclature may vary according to your business needs. Here is a short analysis of some key elements:

(=) Opening Balance: Equals to Opening Balance Total or Accumulated Cash Balance from previous month.

(+) Gross Income: Sum of all income sources, like services, sales, etc.

(-) Net Income: Equals to Gross Income plus Deductions (taxes, discounts, etc.)

(-) Operating Activities: Expenses related directly to product quantity, like raw materials, suppliers, storage, maintenance, etc.

(=) Net Cash from Operating Activities: Equals to Net Income minus Operating Activities expenses.

(-) Administrative Expenses: Expenses related to business management that do not increase according to production.

(=) Balance: Equals to Net Income minus Total Expenses.

(-) Taxes: Sum of all taxes paid over the period.

(=) Closing Balance: Equals to Cash Balance after taxes plus all transactions made as Financial and Investing activities.

(=) Monthly Result: Total Income minus Total Expenses over the period.

(=) Accumulated Cash Balance: Equals to Montly Result plus Opening Balance at the start of the month. It is like a snapshot of your current financial position

Start organizing and control your expenses right now! Click here to download our FREE Cash Flow Statement Format Template Example.

cash flow professional excel template

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