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Business Model Canvas Free Template – Excel Spreadsheet Example

business model canvas free template coverIn this business model canvas free template, you will be able to develop your business model based on the lean startup concept. Start structuring how you are going to produce, capture, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.

 Download the Business model canvas free template – Excel spreadsheet example

How does the Canvas model generate the result for my organization?

Canvas is used to build a business model, which can be used to create a new organization or revise the existing model in a mature company.
In the Excel Canvas model, you easily record the proposed idea and identify the variables that influence the business.

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Business Plan x Canvas Model

In the past, the possibility of starting a company was usually conditioned by extensive research, summarized in a business plan that could exceed a hundred pages.
The Canvas model created in the 2000s by Swiss consultant Alex Osterwalder, enabled the essence of the business proposal to be compiled into a single page so that it can be validated with real customers before receiving major investments, which means discovering the MVP – Minimum Viable Product.

The following aspects will be developed in your Canvas model:

  • Partners: main partners, including suppliers.
  • Activities: key activity required by the value proposition.
  • Resources: key resources to generate value.
  • Value Proposal: the real problem the offered solution solves.
  • Customer Relationship: type of relationship and segments.
  • Channels: channels that reach the target audience.
  • Customer Segment: the most important audience for which value is generated.
  • Cost Structure: cost of the business model and more costly resources and activities.
  • Revenue Flow: the amount currently paid by the public and how much it intends to pay.

Start now! Click here and download the Business Model Canvas Free Template – Excel Spreadsheet Example.

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