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BCG Matrix template example – Boston consulting group Excel spreadsheet

bcg matrix template example coverAnalyze your product and service portfolio with this BCG Matrix template example. Just measure the statistics on your portfolio to get a comparative product/service chart as a reference to start your marketing plan.


Download BCG Matrix template example – Boston consulting group Excel spreadsheet

How to get good strategic planning with the BCG matrix model:

The BCG matrix was developed so that you can evaluate your product line in relation to Market growth, Market share, main rival’s Market share, Relative market share.
From this analysis, you will gather information to identify possible strategies in relation to the product’s life cycle to expand your market share, preserve your current market share, make better use of the achieved results with a product/service or even exclude a certain item from the market. Portfolio.

Find out more about the 4 product/service profiles identified through the BCG Matrix:

These are products with high market share and high growth rate. This stage requires constant investment until the product may be consolidated and become the “cash cow” profile.

This is what products with high market share and low growth rate are called. At this stage, they require a small investment, becoming a significant revenue generator and surplus cash for the organization, until the “dog” product profile can be threatened.

Products with small market share and low growth rate. At this stage, it is common for the product to generate low returns in relation to the organization’s profits or even losses. At this phase, it is necessary to evaluate the possibility of excluding it from the portfolio if it has presented a considerable recovery cost.

These are products with low market share and high growth rates. This stage requires an analysis to verify risks and returns when investing resources in their development. The product in question can be boosted to increase its market share, becoming the “star” product profile, or even running the risk of becoming a “dog” profile.

Find the Balance Point

It is essential to consider that usually, an organization will have a varied product portfolio, with different growth rates and market share.
Therefore, some products will require financial investments and will cause losses until they can achieve cash flow balance, while low growth products and good market share tend to generate excess cash.

Download BCG Matrix template example – Growth share matrix Excel spreadsheet


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