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Accounts Receivable free template – Excel accounting spreadsheet

accounts receivable free template coverDo good corporate financial control of your bills receivable with this effective accounts receivable free template for registering and summarizing of values.
Record information, such as data, value, description and status of payment (”Received” or ”Receivable”).
See in real-time the value of receivable obligations of clients, using Excel filters.

Download Accounts Receivable Free Template – Excel Accounting Spreadsheet Example

Essential tips for excellent corporate financial accounts receivable management:

  1. Record values and aging of accounts receivables when issuing invoices.
  2. Write down receiving dates accurately and see the payment history of each client to facilitate payment or renegotiate deadlines if necessary.
  3. Use the records for bank conciliation and feed the cash flow consolidated in your financial control.
  4. Periodically evaluate and review receiving deadlines x company cash flow needs. Look to reduce the need for external financing.
  5. Calculate your accounts receivable turnover ratio and know the number of times your company has collected on its accounts receivable balance during an accounting period.

Organize your finances right now! Click and download the Accounts Receivable free template.
Excellent account planning and financial management must have an integrated accounts payable and receivable process. Check out our accounts payable free excel accounting spreadsheet example.


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