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Accounts Payable Free Spreadsheet – Excel Accounting Template Example

accounts payable free spreadsheet coverMake the financial control of your payable bills on this practical excel accounts payable free spreadsheet. Record information like date, value, description, status of payment (“paid” or “payable”), and see a summary of your accounts payable. You’ll be able to register for several months.
Quickly know the total amount of payable/paid accounts and use Excel filters to identify specific details, such as the name of suppliers and date interval.

Download the Accounts Payable Free Spreadsheet – Excel Accounting Template Example

Essential tips for an excellent financial control process using the accounts payable free spreadsheet:

1. Record releases in advance with future payment dates.
2. Identify the total amount of accounts to be paid, such as payroll costs, business income taxes, short-term loans, and the need for available cash according to expiry dates.
3. Anticipate payments where you can get a considerable discount.
4. If the amount available isn’t enough to service the obligations, establish some criteria to prioritize services / indispensable products for paying first.
5. Get in the habit of informing the supplier when you are not able to make the payment on the date you committed to.
6. Use the accounts payable register for making bank reconciliation and feed the cash flow summary consolidated in your financial control.

cash flow professional excel template

Get your financial accounting and control started! Click and download the simple accounts payable template.
A good financial manager will have an integrated accounts payable and receivable cycle. Check out our accounts receivable free excel accounting spreadsheet example.


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