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Making the best out of your money – Personal budget spreadsheet

First of all, write it down. Yes, it is that simple, just write all your expenses in an Excel spreadsheet. The important thing is to write down without worrying about what you are writing, at least for now.

Right in the first month you will have a good picture of your financial situation. Ask yourself the following:

Can I live without some of these expenses? What is in it for me? Have I always needed to spend on these items? Can I use this money for another, and maybe more relevant, expense in my life? Could I invest some of this money?

Do not be afraid to assume that you spend a lot with unnecessary things, after all, you do not need to eliminate all of them. The key is balance. Spend, but keep a margin to spare.

Download the Personal budget spreadsheet to use after reading the article.

Here is a list of tips and hints to help you:

  • Just use what is essential for you. The most important thing is to cut all small and unnecessary expenses. Take a look on the big ones to see if you can cut them too.
  • Whenever you can, make your own lunch and take it to work. This will help you to save some money and be healthier.
  • Try to negotiate all your service subscriptions like cable TV, Phone, Internet, etc. Tell them you will cancel if it is necessary. In most cases, they will give you a discount or discharge you of extra fees.
  • Ask youself: do I have time to use/consume everything I am buying? If not, is there any other cheaper option?
  • Do not care too much about fashion or keeping the appearances with a new phone or shoes. Paying too much attention on your these will only attract people who care about these things.

Do not be afraid to make choices. Yes, we all have limits when it comes to our resources. Be clear about your priorities. What is more important: buy a new car or take a holiday trip? Eat out every day or save money to make a dream come true? Be honest with yourself and remember that you do not have to push it too much. Try to keep things in balance.

Take your personal budget seriously:

Do not buy into advertising and all this talk about endless needs and things that can you’re your life easier. This kind of message treat you like a spoiled little child and you are over this, right?

This is very serious! You are in charge of your life. Do not outsource this. NEVER!

I do not know anyone who has the power to make you spend money. Do it if you want. No one has the power to interfere with your life unless you allow it. Think about it!

I hope this may have been helpful to you! Would you do something different? Tell us about your results.

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